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The Team #MonkeyGulla is here to entertain you all with a new short film #ShitActually written and directed by Arjun Mervin while Tharunika Srinivasan...

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The Team #MonkeyGulla is here to entertain you all with a new short film #ShitActually written and directed by Arjun Mervin while Tharunika Srinivasan and Vasanth Victor playing in lead roles. Hope you all like this short film. Don't forget to SMACK that SUBSCRIBE button and PUNCH that BELL icon.


Synopsis :
A young married couple , their only need is money. They don't care about others. For money , they can do anything at any cost. But now their situation was very poor. So they are planning to rob something big and want to settle in life. Rest is Climax.

Genre : Neo Noir , Crime

Cast & Crew :

Written & Directed : Arjun Mervin

Produced by : Monkey Gulla

Cinematography : Arjun Mervin - Amizhthan

Title Designer : VishnuK

Editor - Sound Design : Arjun Mervin

Voice Over : Sumithra Devi

Starring : Tharunika Srinivasan , Vasanth Victor

Thanks to :
Abdul Basith
Meme Creators
"ISAIGNANI" Ilayaraja
Yuvan Shankar Raja

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