[HOT BOYFRIEND ASMR 18+] Dominant Boyfriend x Listener. Kissing and Sleeping Together?! [NSFW(?)]

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Your Hot Boyfriend ( Professor!? ) cuddles with you and falls asleep with you spooning in bed~!? His whispers and kisses make you weak~ FULL VERSION!?...

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Your Hot Boyfriend ( Professor!? ) cuddles with you and falls asleep with you spooning in bed~!? His whispers and kisses make you weak~ FULL VERSION!?

This is not suitable for work or class (NSFW)! You need to focus on those! but if you're not at work or class, then this is perfectly safe for viewing (sfw)!

Welcome~! Azeru Official here! We're back with another Binaural Audio featuring your Dominant Boyfriend~ ( Professor Sequel!? )

Now, I won't lie that I've been wanting to do a sequel to the Professor. Showcasing the time he was still a senior in University and you were his underclassman. Hmm~ Or this could be a new character! Either way, be it the Strict Professor, Caring Professor, Hot College Senior, Room Mate, etc- he will make your dreams come true~!

Maybe he can even become your real life anime boyfriend!?

This is the SFW version of the Audio! There is a full version going to be available on Patreon! ( Link down below~ ) Or, if you like spicy food!

Leave a comment down below and let me know if you like these kinds of ASMR or just what you think~ I do read all the comments down below~

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